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The Best Laid Plans
When Life Imitates Art
cover showing forest

The Best Laid Plans is not a single story of life tempered by experience but of three interwoven episodes.

At the center of all are the Arnolds, a retired, upper-middle-class couple. Bert (a newspaperman) and Claire (a painter) grew weary of the hustle and bustle of big city living and decided to move to the country.

There, the Arnold's found themselves woefully unprepared to deal with real estate agents as uninformed as they of the unique hazards of country life. The Arnold's soon learned that ‘Mother Nature’ was indifferent to their naïveté and their realtor’s negligence.

The Best Laid Plans concludes with a threat to the Arnold’s security from criminals. To succeed, however, the would-be thieves must contend with the determination of law enforcement and, in this case, ‘Mother Nature’s’ indifference to right and wrong.

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