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Blame Jason Bourne

Hand holding smoking pistol

Sex, Mendacity, Betrayal and Murder

FROM THE BOOK: "Then, in the middle of the night, as he lay next to Harold and Ruth Coleman’s daughter, it came to him! He’d need to study up some, read some technical books while being careful not to be obvious about his new ‘hobby.’ And what was David’s new hobby? Electrical engineering. And his brainstorm that night in bed? Electrocute Daddy in his hot tub ...

     'He grew quietly giddy at the prospect of a double murder. It was as though he had left the world of suckers behind. He dreamed of being alone on some South Sea island, Tahiti maybe, or somewhere in the Fijis—never mind that he didn’t speak a word of French, Fijian or Fiji Hindi—a dozen local women of particular dimensions and states of dress undulating around his beach chair and an endless supply of Mai Tais, Hula Dancers, Rum Punch and most apropos, a quirky-labeled drink—‘Sex on the Beach'" ...

 MORE FROM THE BOOK: “J**** H. C*****, Frank!”

     “Yeah, Boss,” he sighed, knowing what was coming next.

     “Who the f*** are these sorry-a**** the boys just dumped in my lap? Said they hauled ‘em out of your office.”

     “Yeah, sorry, Boss. It’s a problem that goes back before I came to work for you. I’m the estate executor for the woman’s father. Her inheritance is in a trust, and they thought they could strong-arm it out of me. But I can’t get the money except through a scheduled disbursement.”

     “I don’t give a s*** about all that, Frank. I got a business to run. What the f*** am I supposed to do with ‘em? Answer me this. Are they going to be a problem if I let ‘em go? You know the kind of ‘problem’ I mean, right?”

     “I don’t know, Boss. Are they awake? You can ask ‘em, and if you don’t like what they say, then do what you think best. I will tell you that I don’t want to be hassled by them again.”

     Angelo Biaggi understood and hung up. He turned to Julie and Joe.

     “Do you know who I am?”

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